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Not all is lost in the Analytics world

March 19, 2010

The recent announcement by Google to develop a global browser based plugin to allow users to opt out from Google Analytics has created a small wave within the twittosphere. It seems Google are really aching to get back to the “do no evil” days, and their recent China announcement confirms that sentiment. If stats are […]

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Are we losing our social skills?

March 6, 2010

I watched “Up in the Air” last night on DVD, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s refreshingly “real” and balances human emotions with technology and realities of our society and economy very well. Undoubtedly the awesome performances of George Clooney and Anna Kendrick leave you wanting more. But the […]

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When should you start blogging?

March 5, 2010

If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know that this is my third attempt to start and maintain a blog. I really struggled the last two times to find motivation and topics of interest that would push me forward to write. That’s because I was writing on topics that didn’t really interest me as such, […]

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