10 hours

by Hetal Shah on June 4, 2014

in Life

Can you believe that we have the power to change our destiny and life in under 10 hours?

I’ve lived in the UK for the last 14 years. And in under 10 hours, I will be living on another continent with a very different future. It’s a future that I’ve chosen. A life that I have consciously decided to live. Sounds simple enough right? Buy a ticket. Pack your bags. Fly. Land. Live.

But it took me over 5 years to convince myself that it was the right choice. Most of the simple choices in our life are made complicated because we don’t believe in them. We believe that what we believe can’t be right because surely there are more intelligent people out there doing the exact opposite of what you’re thinking and will consider you a fool for taking such a step.

The greats of yester years didn’t follow the crowd. They followed their heart. In a world where we are governed by practical knowledge, abundance of information, technology, news, media, social networks, we still remain hugely disconnected from ourselves. The irony can’t be any more in-your-face.

I digress. It’s the heart that won in my battle. I decided to reprioritise my life and my goals. Because at the end of the day, if we have to have a goal or aim for something, might as well be that which agrees with our heart.

So, in under 10 hours, my life, destiny, future will be completely rewritten. By me. I’ve made the choice. I’m trading UK for India. It’s taken a complete rewiring in my thinking and attitude to jump, but I’ve jumped now. And this free fall feels great.

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