Inspite of us

by Hetal Shah on August 22, 2012

in Life

Are we alive because we believe we are, or are we alive because we know we are?

Do you feel you are alive because you breathe, walk, shit, talk, write, laugh, love? Being alive means being-a-part-of-life. It means feeling connected with the world around us. Imagine how connected you feel to nature when walking through the woods, with the sunlight beaming through the tall oak trees straight on to your warm face. Time stops. And life happens. You feel alive.

Every day, life is happening around us, within us. Yet it is not in our consciousness. Our life is happening, but not because of us; it is happening inspite of us. Try holding your breath for two minutes. Life will kick the shit out of you and take over.

It is happening inspite of us.

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John Clark November 19, 2012 at 12:02 am

Yes, Hetal.  I held my breath for a while, probably not two minutes, and concluded I agree with you.  Three days ago I hiked a trail in a nearby park and the experience shoved me into a communion with the trees, rocks, earth, dappled light.  Thanks for reminding us.

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