The emoting machine

by Hetal Shah on March 11, 2012

in Life

What are we without our emotions?

If you listen to majority of the spiritual speakers and thinkers, they preach the principle of the “no emotion state” of mind. This is the stage where you are not reactive with your emotions, but are in full control of your senses and emote when you want to emote.

Think about that for a minute. “Emote when you want to emote.” It’s almost a barbie doll mentality.

The pleasure and pain that one feels reacting to a situation can be so powerful a tool that it can cause catharsis in an individual. And if that very same tool became a controlled machine, would we still be as connected with ourselves as we are today?

Admittedly, some of the root causes of our dissatisfaction and suffering lie within our emotional state, but some of the best life experiences and moments of joy also lie within the same spectrum.

What’s really required is an understanding of the nature of our emotional states and how each state can transform an individual to become a better human being. After all, without that understanding, aren’t we not qualifying ourselves as just another animal that purely exists?

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