The oyster man

by Hetal Shah on February 22, 2012

in Photography

A few weeks ago, I went shooting around Tower Hill in London (I’m getting into this whole creative photography thing you know. Perhaps mid-life crisis, I suppose!)

So on my wanderings, I happened to go through Borough Market where I came across this fantastic gentleman selling oysters. Richard Haward is the seventh generation oysterman of his family, and took on the family tradition from the age of eighteen. Their family have been in the trade since the 1700s, and his son seems set to continue the tradition.

When probed to tell more about his family heritage, Richard just grunts and carries on with his sales pitch. Ofcourse, he doesn’t need to say anything as he is the only oyster vendor in the market, and when I got there, there was already a queue to buy this fresh delicacy at £5 a pop!

The few images below try to convey a sense of what Richard’s tradition and business is all about.

For more images from my Tower Hill shoot, check out my album

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