Possessing an indentity

by Hetal Shah on September 10, 2011

in Life

The house, the car, the TV, the iPad, the iPhone, the clothes, the shoes, the wife, the kids – we are what we “own”, right? Our identity is created by the possessions we have, and how we relate to them, be it a material possessions or a relationship. It defines us. It defines us because through it, others view us; others judge us; they form an opinion of us; they relate to us; they become our friends; they love us; they hate us.

If we didn’t have any of these possessions, would it change who we are? I mean, would it really change who we are? Sure, our friends would change, our standing in society would change, people’s viewpoint would change, but would it really change who we are inside?

We operate on many layers to function in society. As a child, being new to the world and unknown of the ways of the world, we project ourselves exactly as who we are. If we are happy, we just laugh. If we are sad, we cry our eyes out. We are immune to the opinions and judgements of the world. But as we grow older (and supposedly “wiser”), we start conforming to societal norms, norms which coincidentally we have created. We start adding layers to our identity, and very cleverly reveal or hide those layers depending on social situations.

Our possessions start to define our character and personality. Have you ever noticed how your outlook, confidence and attitude changes based on the types of clothes you wear? Forget clothes. I challenge anyone who has not felt uber-cool sporting a new pair of sunglasses. Be honest.

The fact is, our possessions should always remain as that – our possessions. Once we start getting possessed by our own possessions, we lose our true identity.

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Anon September 28, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Nope – you are not your stuff. You are not defined by your stuff.

El Tigre October 27, 2011 at 7:39 pm

word. stuff means a lot

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